Improving the 'use' of yourself in a general way can have unlimited benefits. Are you any of these people?

I have poor posture

Poor posture isn’t something that happens to us, but something that we do to ourselves. Students of the Alexander Technique learn to stop causing the unnecessary muscular activity that leads to poor posture. “When you stop doing the wrong thing the right thing does itself” Alexander said.

I want to improve my guitar playing

Musicians often find that their performance improves dramatically in a lesson. Students learn to practice free of strain and the extra freedom and ease of movement translates into a more beautiful sound. Perhaps this is the reason why virtually all the world’s top music academies teach the Alexander Technique.

My back hurts

The Technique works to reduce the excess tension that can be exacerbating or even causing backaches.

I want to improve my public speaking

When we speak in public it is very common for us to have our mind on things that stop us from giving our best performance. Wouldn’t it be better to learn a technique that helps you perform with your whole mind on the activity of speaking?

I'm stressed

As you reduce unnecessary muscular activity you also get rid of the thoughts that created it. Alexander students get more clarity to their thinking and as a result feel more relaxed and in control.

I want to improve my tennis

Learning to direct yourself by reasoning instead of moving in stereotypical ways means you create the movements, fresh, each and every time. Movements become easier and shots sweeter. The energy saved from moving more efficiently can be used to raise your game and you’ll stop letting pressure points affect you.

I'm just curious

You don’t have to have a ‘problem’ to gain from the changes in thinking, movement and behaviour that will come if you engage with this work. The mental disciplines that you learn can be taken into every area of your life allowing you improve all your activities.

What happens in a lesson

In the classes you learn how to break free of your habitual movement patterns. Perhaps you’ll marvel at how easy and beautiful movements become when they are consistent with our design! Gentle manipulation helps you gain physical experience of Alexander’s ideas, and the principle-based approach to movement that you learn can be experimented with at your own pace during your day-to-day activities.

Learning this work opens a doorway to a world of change and improvement. The mental disciplines you develop through the study of how you move in activity can be taken into every area of your life, enabling you achieve more with less effort, be free of stereotypical behaviour, and to increasingly design the life of your dreams.

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    The key to freedom and ease of motion

    This work is all about improvement – about doing whatever you do, only doing it better. It’s the single most powerful tool for change out there … and it’s fun! Australian actor FM Alexander (1869-1955) formulated new principles of thinking and movement different from anything discovered or conceived of before. However, he never referred to his work as the Alexander Technique – he said “How can you name anything that is so comprehensive?”. He just called it ‘the work’. For over a hundred years people have been discovering this amazing constellation of tools and principles. It’s the most wonderful discipline or subject I’ve ever come across.

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